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Frequently-Asked Questions


Please read these notes before mailing

Q: I have some problem that relates to material you write about. Can I E-mail you about it?

A: I am very flattered and willing when someone approaches me with a question or feedback about code that I wrote. I would be happy to hear about any such positive suggestions or even bad feedback, rants, and bug reports.

However, I also get occasional E-mail messages from strangers, often with large attachments relating their project or homework. Please do not expect me to help you with your programming tasks. Such messages will lead you to disappointment as they will not be fruitful. They also will sadden me as I strive to help as much as I can, but rarely can I find the time.

Q: I spotted a mistake/typo in one of the pages? Is it worth reporting?

A: Yes, definitely. I am aware that there are many flaws or mistakes in the content. Mistakes can remain unchanged, but once (if) found, they ought to be eradicated. I will appreciate reports, even about the tiniest mistakes and broken external links (which for webmasters are hardest to spot).

Q: Can I send E-mail in any form?

A: I prefer plain-text without any attachments (unless you must and cannot put them on Web space, then link). Meaningful subject lines are important if you are yet a stranger.

Site Design

Q: Many people prefer keeping their Web pages simple, without mark-up. Why don't you?

A: This page was plain and simple HTML for quite some time. It evolved from what was merely a personal page for reference. As Web technologies advanced, I came to realise that people like 'eye candy'. Eye candy implies credibility to most. Eye candy also attracts visitors and encourages them to re-visit; in the process, visitors may as well explore inspiring methods and re-use them.

While on the issue of design, the site rarely uses state-of-the-art technology. It would take forever to upgrade installations and migrate content, of which there too much to handle manually. While I believe I have the potential to have a clean, modern site, it will never seem so.

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