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Operating Systems

From the early days of using DOS and to the later days of using Norton Commander and simple graphical desktops, computers were a technical tool that was thirsty for skill and genuine understanding. I came aboard Mro$ot Window$ (see my short review) when version 3.11 came out and quickly lost myself in a world of drag-and-drop, plug-and-play and wizards that always kept me in the dark. I was blinded to the fact that better operating systems had been out there for decades and, above all, I had very limited access to them. When I started working with Mac OS and UNIX/Linux variants, I finally received my freedom once again and the benefits of this learning investment were crystal clear. The most trusted and stable environment has been Palm OS (find some advice of mine in the UseNet archives and my short review), but unfortunately its place remains in handheld devices.

I strongly encourage people to join the endeavour to create and sustain platforms which, if uniform, are at least globally centralised or administered by all, not a set of individuals.

Although I master many operating systems, SuSE Linux has thus far allowed me to carry out work in the most productive way. The only flaw with regards to Palm OS is the absence of multi-tasking, yet the issue is futile for standard organisational operations.

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