Registration Assessment Without Ground Truth Proven Most Sensitive
Date: Wednesday, October 19 @ 04:36:28 BST
Topic: Explanations

N recent weeks we have worked towards a batch of publication on our recent work. That work is primarily focused on assessement of registration with and without ground truth. Below is a short summary of the work. More details are yet to be published in this site soon.
A diverse collection or methods exist for the problem of non-rigid registration, whereby a set of images is to be aligned. We perceive a deficiency, however, in the ways such registrations are validated or even evaluated. We devised two methods for evaluating non-rigid registration. One of the methods requires ground-truth solutions to be provided a priori, yet the other does not. We have collected results, which confirm that both methods are valid and proceeded to calculating their sensitivities. We find that the method which requires ground-truth solutions is not as sensitive as the method which need not have anything but the raw images and the corresponding deformation fields.
It is worth mentioning that, for the time being, segmentation is not considered. We are aware that it has great potential for being incorporated into the framework and, moreover, we have observed results that served as 'proof of concept' for this contention. We are yet to do some similar work on sets of faces if time permits.

This article comes from MARS - Models of Appearance, Registration and Segmentation

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