Entropic Measures for Model and NRR Evaluation
Date: Saturday, February 18 @ 13:04:49 GMT

URTHER on the subject of entropy in registration and model assessment, there is finally an intent to publish a paper -- one which explains it in greater level of detail. The process involves treating non-rigid registration (NRR) results merely as correspondence. This correspondence builds an appearance model, for which an entropy can be computed. An entropy can be perceived as a measure of complexity as it corresponds to minimal message length that can encapsulate -- in this particular case -- a model of appearance. By computing such entropies, not only can the models be evaluated, but also the NRR algorithms from which these model were built. This essentially enables one to measure both NRR quality and model quality in an information-theoretic fashion. This method requires no ground-truth knowledge or manual annotation of any kind.

This article comes from MARS - Models of Appearance, Registration and Segmentation

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