NRR Assessment: 3-D Extension and Other News
Date: Sunday, May 07 @ 06:51:58 BST
Topic: Technical Notes

An appearance model built from37 brains
±2.5 standards deviations shown
UR assessment framework, which can either evaluate non-rigid registration (NRR) algorithms or evaluate models of shape and intensity (appearance models), has been extended to 3-D. It requires no ground truth. Among other recent development, perhaps the most notable one is that which involves running some these algorithms the in 3-D to obtain encouraging, bug-free output. Due to the immense scale of this problem, true assessment of NRR in 3-D requires clusters, where the program can be easily deployed.

In other news, we are expecting to have our work included in an issue of IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging. The initial reviews were very positive and we are running further experiments to alleviate any doubts.

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