Simultaneous Segmentation, Registration and Models
Date: Wednesday, June 29 @ 17:32:13 BST
Topic: Papers and References

One paper of interest involves the employment of segmentation to improve non-rigid registration (NRR) and vice versa:

Chen Xiaohua, Michael Brady, Daniel Rueckert. "Simultaneous Segmentation and Registration for Medical Image". MICCAI 2004, pp. 663-670.

A later paper involves the unification of registration and model-building:

Carole J. Twining, Tim Cootes, Stephen Marsland, Vladimir Petrovic, Roy Schestowitz, and Chris J. Taylor. "A Unified Information-Theoretic Approach to Groupwise Non-Rigid Registration and Model Building". To appear in Information Processing in Medical Images (IPMI), 2005.

Much future work will rely on these developments.

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