Migration of Code
Date: Thursday, June 30 @ 06:31:14 BST
Topic: Implementation

In order for future experiments to be documented, a MARS experiments log was created, much like the log previously maintained for AART.

As part of the overhaul and porting of the old, heavy-weight application, MARS needed to get a new identity. The new splash screen is shown below. It still requires some clean-up and 'polishing' work.

The most recent stable release/download of this Open Source application (requires greedy MATLAB unfortunately) is available via FTP:

AART 2.0 (username: ftp@schestowitz.com; path: public/AART2.0.0)

Bear in mind that it lacks components which were provided by third-parties or colleagues, e.g. principal component analysis (PCA).

This article comes from MARS - Models of Appearance, Registration and Segmentation

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