Segmentation Propagation from Model
Date: Sunday, July 03 @ 13:13:03 BST
Topic: Explanations

The next advancement to demonstrate is that segmentation of of one image can be propagated to an entire group of similar images.

The mechanism which enables the propagation is model construction, which has the notion of correspondences. For each point that resides in a segment, a corresponding point can be found in another image. From this, an analogous segment in other images can be identified. If the correspondence is dense (i.e. incorporates all points in a continuous space), then entire labels can be propagated from one image to similar image in the entire group. Non-rigid registration provides that dense correspondence which is necessary.

An advantage of this approach, which is worth pointing out, is that use of a group of images for segmentation compensates for noise in the images. By using information possessed by the image group, robustness can be gained.

This article comes from MARS - Models of Appearance, Registration and Segmentation

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