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Code, Documentation and Outputs

The following are some resources that are closely-related to AART:

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AART is a tool that can be used to carry out an investigative comparison between different registration algorithms. It puts special emphasis on registration evaluation via statistical models... [More]

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Application Documentation

AART originates from the work on non-rigid registration and a separate page on this early part of the project exists. All realted links and sources, as well as example images and videos can be found under the Non-rigid Registration page. There is an embarrassingly untidy Change Log too.

As of July 2004, there is access to the source code of version 1.5.5. Kate Smith is acknowledged where relevant and imported code was omitted to avoid copyright and permission issues.

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This short section illustrates how AART works and what its capabilities are. It provides a quick overview that describes the front-end facets.

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User Documentation

Help files will go here, as well as under the AART package as a local file which is accessible from the appropriate sub-menu under Help. The page that is currently is used as an index is help.htm. For a good overview on the use of AART, see the previous section.

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Related Publications

None. This is a place-holder more than anything else.
Update: Work related to AART was published and presented. More yet to come...

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Bug Reports

Bug reports to be submitted through the feedback page.

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I put some registration links here and perhaps these will be extended in the foreseeable future. Many will be the same as in the NRR page that is mentioned above. [Show All Links]

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