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Re: A couple of problems...

> > It can take a minute or two sometimes. Did it take so long right from
> > start? If not, when did this delay begin? Some malware was possibly
> > installed.
> Is this version of Kazaa Lite definitely to be trusted?

Yeah it's OK. The machine is malware/spyware free and the problem remains.

> > This happens when the sound buffer fails to keep up with the pace.
> > this happens when the computer goes to hibernation, stand-by or
> > mode. Sometimes it also happens when several sounds are mixed or when a
> > heavy operation begins. Is it possible that some heavy process is
> > in the background? This may expplain Problem #1 too.
> Again perhaps this version of Kazaa is a resource hog? Is the person
> downloading files whilst listening? Does the same problem exist in a
> dedicated mp3 player such as WinAmp, iTunes, or Windows Media?

The whole family is used to using the media player within Kazaa to
watch/listen. They also use Music Match, mainly for burning music cd's, and
I'm not sure if the problem pops up on that. I'm going over to have another
look at it tomorrow and I'll test that as well.

> Is the d: drive full to capacity by any chance? Perhaps XP is struggling
> with not enough swap file space?

I have moved the swap file to the empty c: drive and the problem still

> >>Problem 3: He has 2 hard drive's installed, c: is 80gb, d: is 10gb. When
> >>Windows XP was installed it formatted both c: and d: but installed on
> >>Can I copy the contents of d: to c: and have it boot Windows from c:
> >>no problems??
> >
> >
> > I am not sure. I only know that it is risky. You also have hidden and
> > files (and extra information like file allocation tables) that might
> > this effort. I tried it before unsuccessfully. I copied my laptop HDD
> > contents to a different computer, then changed the laptop HDD and
> > the files. It became a mess.
> Surely the registry entries will point to the wrong drive? This will
> cause all the installed programs to break as they won't know where to
> find system files. Best best is to reformat, unless the OP is
> experienced in drive imaging programs.

This really isn't a major problem. The pc is used for net access, emails,
and downloading the odd song. They don't play games on the machine, so I
don't see a problem with them running out of space for a while.


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