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Re: One good reason to but secondhand - Thanks Compaq

DeeBee wrote:

> For those looking those cheap, ie under £1k laptop that spring up in
> sepermarkets and other electrical stores or the Advent / Patriot crap from
> PCW, think differently and checkout a good used business laptop.
> Last year I bought a second hand Compaq N410C from eBay, yes eBay (you
> must check out the seller very carefully) and it was only about a year
> old, but I got a £1500+ laptop with DC Writer / DVD drive for £700 AND it
> still had almost two years warranty left.
> ON wednesday evening the hard disk died, unable to format it and the
> Compaq utility showed read errors, so called Compaq yesterday at 9.00am to
> get help. After a few diagnostic questions it was agreed that it needed a
> replacement hard drive and I was given two options:
> 1. They collect the laptop later that same day, replace hard drive and get
> it back to me within two days or
> 2. They send me a new hard drive that I can replace myself without
> impacting on the remaining years warranty and I would get it within two
> days - so opted for option 2.
> Today at 1pm UPS delivered a new drive (upgraded as well !)shipped from
> Holland.
> So the moral of the story is look fro a good quality business grade laptop
> where there is a three year warrant and easy availability of spares and
> save some money as well.
> Very impressed with Compaq (HP) warranty service. I would certainly buy
> another Compaq / HP laptop.
> Same would go for IBM I quess and maybe Toshiba
> HTH someone

Buying electronic merchandise from shops in eBay has been my habit for
years. I definitely agree with that point, but I had less encouraging
experiences with Compaq. Perhaps they have changed.

Roy Schestowitz

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