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Re: Situps and pushups

"meirman" <meirman@invalid.com> wrote in message 
> On tv over the last year, whenever anyone does push-ups or sit-ups,
> they do wimpy ones.  They don't lower their chest or their back,
> respectively, to the floor.  This makes them much easier to do.
> Is tv promoting wimpism, or has there been a determination that the
> old, difficult methods can cause harm?
> Should I continue to do my exercises the way I was taught in JHS?
> I'm getting back in shape.  I've lost 51 pounds (and maybe 8 inches
> off my waist) and it's time I started exercising (beyond walking and
> some physical work).
> Crossposted.  Could you please say what group you are replying from,
> so I can read what else you have to say?
> (I have maybe 29 pounds to go to my original maximum goal weight.
> I'll reevaluate when I get there.  The absolute most I have to lose is
> 45 more pounds, but I don't think I want to do that.)

Keep up the good work!  The best exercise program is the one you perform 
consistently and without injury, so whatever works for you is great.  As 
time goes on, you'll probably want to try exercises that are harder for 
each repetition and of which you do fewer repetitions, but there is no 
need to hurry in that direction if you're content and making progress. 
Enjoy your success, report back when you plateau and need to try 
something different.


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