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Re: Web browser for palm

Hi there,

You should take a look at my page about Palm Pilot web browsers:


Admittedly, this page is now out of date, although I hope to have the
time to update it again soon.  Even so, many of these browsers work
fine on OS 5

This is also a great page about different browsers:


On my Tungsten | C I use the following web browsers:

- The Bundled Palm Web Browser (it's the slowest, but renders pages
most faithfully to how they would appear on a desktop computer, whch is
sometimes good, sometimes no).
- Blazer, v. 1.1 (this is the fastest browser than also renders
graphics, but it can be unresponsive for some time when it's having
trouble downloading a page).
- Pocket Link v. 2.50 (I am very impressed with this browser's ability
to render pages fairly quickly and with integrated graphics.  It has
impressed me with its support of many web pages that refuse to display
on the other browsers).
- EudoraWeb v. 1.1 (this is a text only browser, but is definitely the
fastest at rendering just text).

Don't forget that AvantGo can be used as a browser for the "live web"
as well for pages downloaded by your desktop and transferred to the
Palm during a Hot Sync.
Hope this information is helpful to you!

--Sam Lipoff

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