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Re: sync with thunderbird?

Tried this, but to no avail. you'd need some kind of conduit, the xpi does not (on my system), to sync.
EIS does sync with thunderbird for mail - you need to set it to mapi.

Adil Vaz wrote:
There's an extension called Palmsync.xpi (Google and you'll find it) that syncs TB contacts with Palm address book.
Adil Vaz

Loggerhead wrote:

Eudora's Internet Suite Synchronises mail and Bookmarks. I currently use Snappermail and Xiino for my handhelds internet connectivity, might move over and check this out with Thunderbird for those two things, but it's the contacts list I'm after, as Thunderbird usues this list the whitelist messages, and would be good to keep palm/thunderbird contacts synched.

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Loggerhead wrote:

Can you sync your contacts with thunderbird, has this been done?

I have not done so yet though I am planning to. Here is a message sent to me
regarding this subject:

BigBrotha wrote:

Hello Roy,

something specifically for Thunderbird does not exist yet,but I have
seen that there will be an extension developed, when somebody does it.

Does not help you know, right.

But the free software suite from Eudora(email, webbrowser, conduits)
is able to make some of that what you want !!!!

The conduits will sync Thunderbird's mailboxes with the Eudora mail
application. The problem is ,that this free suit is from 2001 and lacks
some of the more modern feature. For example attachments, or html mails
are not supported.

But it works !

Ceck it out !

BTW, the address sync, the others gets so excited about, works for me too.


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