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Re: tungsten E

I too read your message Tom (many hours ago), but I thought it lacked
detail. The USB option that Guy mentioned tripped me up for the first time
yesterday, after 2.5 years of Palm use. Luckily, it burned only 10-15
minutes of my time.

Earlier I was going to suggest to you that you reset the Palm; even a hard
reset. Then, try looking at the error logs for some clues. What is the
exact message that you get? Try Googling it...


Roy Schestowitz

Guy Bannis wrote:

> Tom, you have given no new information to go by. For example, what does
> "comes up busy" mean? What do you see on the screen?
> So I'll take a shot in the dark: have you checked the Connection Settings
> in HotSync Setup? And in those Connection Settings, have you checked
> "USB"?
> In article <1104375617.167581.322830@z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com>, "tom"
> <mwwt@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Guy, I am using MAC 10.3 and have installed with the disc that came
>> with the palm. I have done this many times, and tonight I just tried it
>> again.  I am checking out the web page you suggested.  My palm works
>> with my imac and emac.  It just comes up busy anytime I try to Hotsync
>> it.  Any other ideas? tom
>> Guy Bannis wrote:
>> > In article <1104369000.470908.186530@z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com>,
>> "tom"
>> > <mwwt@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> >
>> > > Boy do I need help.  I have a I book G4 with the panther operation.
>> > > Everytime I install the palm disc, the computer will not hotsync it
>> > > will come up busy. I have called the company, but they never
>> satisfied
>> > > the problem.  I use the palm all the time and have it backed up
>> with my
>> > > EMAC. I book is the only machine that has a problem with this.  Is
>> it
>> > > because of  the panther or what?  If any could could help, I sure
>> would
>> > > appreciat it.   tom
>> >
>> > Tom, can you describe what you're doing step-by-step?
>> >
>> > You say, "everytime I install," have you installed it once before and
>> it
>> > worked. Or are you trying to install for the first time?
>> >
>> > Also, does the Palm Desktop install on your computer? If so, is your
>> > problem with Hotsync and not with the operation of the Desktop?
>> >
>> > What Mac OS is your eMac running?
>> >
>> > Have you checked the knowledge base at www.palmone.com to see if
>> there are
>> > any issues with Panther

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