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Re: Dell PDA

  • Subject: Re: Dell PDA
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 08:26:15 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
  • References: <41d4f5e8$1_2@news.tm.net.my>
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That's an interesting situation, but what do you consider as a solution?
Binning the entire contents of the lorry because of this accident? No doubt
it may have caused wear, but the customer has to meet the vendor half-way

Roy Schestowitz

Stgan wrote:

> I had a call from your staff this morning regarding the issue of bad
> attitude and
> irresponsible service.
> She was trying to force down my throat with Dell's high handed and
> bullying global policies.
> If you are selling me something which has gone through an accident whether
> bad or minor, you
> are unnecessary putting your customer through this uncallled for problems
> and possible traumatic
> situation. If you have the customer at heart you could have avoided this
> by giving the customer a
> new unit or one that has been check and certified by your factory. Is this
> too much to ask from
> Dell?
> Why do your customer paid you before receiving the goods, because we trust
> you. Your past track
> records has makes us giving you the trust.
> On the contrary, you take our payment and you never delivered as per your
> agreement.
> You then unethically delivered the product that has servived from an
> accident. to your customer.
> You may be big and powerful but I don't think you have the right to commit
> such a unethical act
> to your customer.
> There is no point talking too much about the issue. You are a big and
> powerful American
> Company. When you said you are right, poor litter Asian like me would not
> dare to utter a word.
> All we poor Asian can do is to stop going to you and that will spare us
> from being humiliated by
> you and your policies.
> The successes over the years has make Dell to distance from his customer.
> On the contrary, the
> best -run companies stay as close to their customer as humanly possible.
> Rgds, ST Gan
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: <APCustServ@Dell.com>
> To: <stgan8@tm.net.my>
> Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 9:13 AM
> Subject: CE/MY/33551/05/27
>> *** Please do not change the subject title for fast and easy
>> tracking.***
>> Dear ST,
>> Good day and thank you for reaching us at Dell Asia Pacific Customer
>> Center (Dell APCC) via website.
>> Your feedback and comments are important to us.
>> We are pleased to acknowledge that your inquiry has been logged with us
>> with the Ref:CE/MY/33551/05/27
>> Your issue has been channeled to qualified personnel to assist you
>> better. Kindly note your case number logged:1185869 and service
>> tag:2VD1B51.
>> Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact
>> us.
>> Once again thank you for your feedback and it is indeed a great pleasure
>> serving you.
>> Have a pleasant day!
>> Best wishes,
>> Shereen Foo
>> Customer Care Department
>> E mail: Shereen_Foo@dell.com <mailto:Shereen_Foo@dell.com>
>> Dell Asia Pacific Customer Centre
>  > : Dear Sir,
>> Obviously I have choosen a wrong product, a Dell product!!!!
>> Delivery dates were not as promised.
>> Your transporter is so irresponsible that we were not communicated on
>> the date of delivery.
>> Apparently the lorry transporting the product was involved in an
>> accident, this could possibly
>> causes damage to this PDA. How could DELL be so irresponsible to allow
>> the transporter to
>> deliver this possible defective product to your customer? What is your
>> corporate policy as regards
>> to these possible defective products?
>> Both your irresponsible staff and your transporter had insisted that I
>> should take this delivery because
>> the product is cover by your warranty! Is this part of Dell"s global
>> policy as regards to damage product
>> on transits
>> Rgds, ST Gan

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