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Re: {OT] Sipping on a cup of coffee enjoying the evening

  • Subject: Re: {OT] Sipping on a cup of coffee enjoying the evening
  • From: Carol W <from_you@nomail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 23:08:01 GMT
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: SBC http://yahoo.sbc.com
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On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 07:06:09 GMT, Big Bill <kruse@cityscape.co.uk>

>On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 02:35:11 GMT, Carol W <from_you@nomail.com> wrote:
>>- figures, huh? Not totally bad thing as this area is filled iwth
>>little farmer's markets - which reminds me of my hometown area in a
>>quirky way. LOL! 
>This is what we need here. We have a medium size supermarket 5 minutes
>from me, and a large version of the same supermarket 10 minutes from
>me. Daft. 

We moved to what is deemed the rural part of the county, actually we
are on the line and the farmers are in the next county over - but they
are freindly folk and makes it fun to stop at the little stands
alongside the highway. 
>I figured your absence was down to problems with your hubby's health.
>Course, I wouldn't have had to figure if you'd answer an email or two
>now and then.

Hhehehe, figured you had to try to email me, so I told the hubby I
better hop online and post something to let you know I was still alive
and breathing. (I've been a bad girl - and havent' tried checking my
email lately. :( ] 

I will have to drop STacey an email so she can have my other email
addie that, when I do check, I check more often. HArd to beleive
Stacey is now Euro-Stacey; knew I should've tried to arrange us to
meet at some festival in VA but ... things weren't optimal on my side
for such a thing and she was busy fixing up her house for the sale ...
now I will never get my gaudy-color-choices-room-size rag rug (for
free) ... *sniffle* Oh well, sounds like I will need to have another
cuppa to brighten my mood after that thought! 

And yes, Roy, you were worth mentioning as I did recall trading posts
with you a time or two in the past on here. And I agree, this group -
and AWW - are enjoyable ones on Usenet; at least I always enjoyed
readign the posts in those two. Now if a couple folks in AWW would
cease the wannabe flooding - sheesh, took almost an hour to download
the posts over here for me to read, and delete a nice number of,
offline. Still had some nice reading although I was saddened to hear
about Bill L. and the heartache Tina is now having about selling AH. I
almost signed up a site with AH to try them out back in April but
decided to wait ... guess I will wait a little while longer. ;)

>David he is, now, another new personna. He kill-filed me! ME! Heh-heh.

Dropped the abbreviations and kll filed you at the same time? Hm, have
you been a bad boy with your sarcastic wit in my absence? 

Well, David or SEO Dave, he will be just Dave to me - and I think he
knows who I mean when I say Dave in a posting. :) 

Well, hubby is tapping the alarm clock letting me know that time is a
ticking ... wish my ISP had an 800 number but, oddly, they don't offer
one. :( I will be lurking from time to time! 

Let mego read and get all caught up with the SEO realm ...


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