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Re: Apple educational discounts

  • Subject: Re: Apple educational discounts
  • From: Veritech <jonathan_dalrymple@hotmail.com>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 13:31:25 GMT
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Veritech wrote:

Don't know how many of you are Mac geeks but here goes, i wanna get one
of those "new" 12" ibooks for uni. I hear apple have a educational
discount program, i emailed them about and didn't really get an answer
to my question. Does anyone know about how much the discount would be on
the stock 12" ibook model(£699)

It's quite a coincidence that I persuaded a friend of to buy exactly that
laptop _less than a day ago_. I was shocked to see that it cost only GBP
699 because Apple are expensive vendors, at least based on word of mouth
reputation. As I still qualify as a student, I even considered buying one

My colleague at the Faculty purchased one a while back and I am pretty sure
he got a discount. I noticed an 0800 number in the Web site yesterday (go
to installments option at the bottom), so it's definitely worth giving them
a ring... provided you can end up talking to a real person and not listen
to recordings and press buttons. Since sales (Cha-ching!) are involved, I
doubt you'll get ant of the latter.

Hope it helps,


They are a great bargin

they look good, they now have bluetooth and wifi, loads of ram, good battery life, i think anyone half serious about mobile computing should get on, and i'm no fanboy, i never even used os x, lol. But its bargin hardware wise, i would say get one too, i wish i knew when i could afford so i can down the days, however i fear my bank manager might be seeing me for a little unsecured loan :(

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