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Re: Windows 2000 still Qiote Dominant

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
C A Upsdell wrote:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Paul Thurrott:
"Wilson's (IE Lead Program Manager) post is disappointing because
doesn't plan to fully support the latest CSS standard in IE 7.0..."

IE7 is completely irrelevant to us and will be for at least another 5

Why? Do you think it will be that long before it shows up on Windows Update and comes loaded on all new standard-order Windows machines?

It only works under Windows XP or later. Most machines are still running Windows 2000 (or something to that effect).

What source of stats do you depend on for your assertion that most machines are still running Win2000? Stats I follow indicate that Win2000 usage is at about 12%, and XP usage at about 65%.

Finally found it...

http://news.com.com/The+slow+road+to+Windows+XP/ ...

(long URL so append lines and remove " ...")

It took me a while to find this again. I said "something to that effect"
because it speaks of businesses and I think it also refers to the States.

This June 14 article claims that "nearly half of business PCs are still running the older Windows 2000." But many PCs are not business PCs. There are various stats sources which indicate that the percentage for all PCs is closer to 12%. See:




This suggests to me that IE7 usage will grow considerably faster than you expect.

An interesting perspective on this issue is that it took IE6 only 16 months to capture 50% of the browser market. And IE7 may grow much faster if, as I would expect, it becomes an automatic update for everyone with XP SP2 and up.

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