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Re: Ubuntu Screen Resolution

conkersack@yahoo.com wrote:

>> No .... how do you do that?
>> I'm only running off the live disk at the moment to get a flavour, but
>> impressed so far!! Is that why it only runs in 640 x 480 ?

You will find it under one of the sub-sub-menus. It is called Screen
Resolution. It gives you all the basic options, but if you want to extend
these further you can mess about with the X (compartmentalised module
responsible for display, input devices, etc.) settings file. For
example,the one I use is http://www.schestowitz.com/Data/XF86Config-4. It
uses the highest possible screen resolution, which varies depending on what
monitor I plug in. You shouldn't need to handle anything at that level
though. You do have the freedom though.

> Erm, well, on my system it was already set to 1024x768, so I didn't
> worry about that, but i think there is some setting under one of the
> two pull-down menus at the top of the screen, I had to twiddle a mouse
> setting somewhere round there, so I'd assume (yeah, I know...) that the
> resolution setting would be near.
> Not a bad idea to get an old PC either, would certainly do the trick -
> I used to have a PII 200MHz (feel the power) for messing around on, and
> I got Vectorlinux running on it (but it eventually went as Vectorlinux
> wasn't all I thought it's be, and the PC box went to a friend), but
> yeah, an old PC with Ubuntu would certainly do for arsing around, and
> would easily get you going on the internet.

The oldest computer I ran Linux on was a 75MHz Intel Pentium. It ran
Mandrake Linux with fully-featured KDE. The horror.... I used it a lot for
the GIMP though. I even designed and rendered my site's logo on that


Roy S. Schestowitz

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