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Re: OS support for Flash movies, inside file managers

__/ [binary-nomad@xxxxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 14 December 2005 09:48 \__

> What's the OS support for Flash movies, i.e. clicking on it instead of
> playing in a browser.
> Windows I *think* does, but I can't remember if that was Shockwave or
> Flash. Whats the situation with Mac? Linux? ...... um.. Sun? Anything
> else?

Linux  is incapable of generating SWF previews, or at least KDE is  reluc-
tant to do so. I also use GNOME, but I doubt it's possible under this min-
imalist WM.

I quite look forward to the day when CPU capacity enables animations (e.g.
GIF's)  and Flash files to appear as dynamic object in one's file manager,
even  when the current directory is saturated with media. KDE does a stun-
ning  job  at converting the text file's icon into refletants of its  con-
tents.  PDF's are shown almost immediately as icons (front page/slide) ow-
ing to KGhostView. Images are, of course, shown as thumbnails.

SWF  files will not be interpreted on-the-fly. I am fairly convinced  that
even  KDE 3.5 does not bother to generate of a preview of an SWF file  al-
though,  having said that, it does so with PDF's. It relies on very  effi-
cient  algorithms,  which I suspect Macromedia (Adobe) cannot provide.  In
principle,  there is no substaintial barrier which prevents the  developer
from doing so.

As  for  SWF files being openable within the browser, the user  could  set
file  association  so that upon clicking the object, the  default  browser
which is quick to launch (e.g. Konqueror in RAM) will show the Flash clip.
Konqueror  as  a file manager and a browser is one important  integration,
much like Internet Explorer, so I don't see any downsides.

Hope this answers your question,


PS - I imagine that the answer will be similar for Mac OS X, only with Sa-
fari  (uses KHTML) rather than Konqueror. Sorry for a messy reply. All  of
the  above is streams of consciousness adhered together very artificially.
I hope it conveys the main points nonetheless.

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