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Re: Should Microsoft Fear Google's Future?

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 10:43:55 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Roy Culley] on Monday 12 December 2005 01:44 \__
> <http://www.playfuls.com/article_4_4200_Editorial_Should_Microsoft_Fear_Googles_Future_.html>
>>     What possible rivalry could there be between two companies, out of
>>     which one has been founded over 30 years ago and is running the
>>     global software show, while the other is just seven years old and
>>     has the purpose to help users search the dense jungle of today's
>>     Internet?  If we were talking about any other companies, I would
>>     have advised you to bet on the first one, but when we're talking
>>     about Microsoft and Google, no rules apply.
>>     Through what miracle has a company that's been around for just seven
>>     years has managed to turn itself into a threatening and dangerous
>>     presence for the giant from Redmond?
>>     ...
>>     However, slowly, but surely, with just a handful of Linux servers
>>     placed in the right places, with some search algorithms which nobody
>>     can really understand and which are still giving headaches to the
>>     experts from the rival companies and with a few commercials well
>>     placed in the educational breaks, Google has managed to take this
>>     child into the world and make it a lot friendlier. And the result is
>>     represented by the few billion dollars accumulated in the company's
>>     bank accounts, which have become a real threat for Microsoft, whose
>>     favorite child, the PC, hasn't been able to keep up the pace with
>>     the Internet.
> Also see the following:
> http://news.com.com/Microsofts%20nightmare%20inches%20closer%20to%20reality/2100-1012_3-5877197.html?tag=nefd.lede
> <snippet>
>     "The nightmare is inching closer to reality and Microsoft execs are
> apparently paying attention to the decade-old alert. As part of a
> management shuffle, Microsoft said Tuesday it would make hosted services a
> more strategic part of the company and fold its MSN Web portal business
> into its platform product development group, where Windows is developed.
>     Another memo, called 'Google?The Winner Takes All (And Not Just
>     Search),'
> is also making the rounds. This internal memo, written in 2005, argues
> that Google threatens Microsoft and the company?s crown jewel, Windows."
> </snippet>
> Roy

The endgame threat that google poses is also a threat to linux in the
long run.  It is this.  You boot up your bios/pc with a network attached
and you have your OS/applications/etc with your profile wherever you go on
earth.  Beyond googleplex, and all of the other teasers they are tapping
out at the moment, this is what the goal is.  Direct access to all the
information on the internet from anywhere and from any computer.  This
would eliminate the need for an OS(Microsoft, pre-installed linux, etc)
and application purchases.

This is what Microsoft is afraid of.  They(google) will become the gateway
in trade routes, rather than Microsoft.  Like Jakob Fugger controlling
Ulm, Germany- the portal between the East and the West- Google will
replace them as the gatekeepers.  And that is where the power resides.
It's an electrical ecosystem, and whoever controlls the gateway controlls
the organism.

We will be trading tyrants at that point, so it makes no difference either
way.  Linux will always be there, and will be able to route around that
debacle if it actually materializes.


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