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Re: COLA Stats 11 Dec 2005

begin  risky.vbs
	Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> __/ [Linønut] on Sunday 11 December 2005 15:33 \__
>> I have mixed emotions here.  Should I spend more time on generating
>> posts about what I'm doing with Linux, or just doing it?
> Here is my fantasy:
> I would love to see each and every post from a non-*nixer ignored
> alto- gether. Also, all threads could highlight the strength of
> Linux as opposed to Windows bashing. Windows should not even be a
> factor[1].  That would make this a very pleasant newsgroup that
> would repel trolls for good. Many will be unfamiliar with the
> terminology and tools discussed...

Bashing Windows is a lot of fun IMHO. I used to post anti-MS articles
with [OT] in the subject. However, once MS began their anti-Linux,
anti-OSS and anti-GPL campaign of FUD and downright lies I decided
that anything anti-MS is very much on-topic in COLA. Combined with
the lies, FUD and often unethical articles posted by the wintrolls I
feel justified in doing so.

I know of no wintroll that does not lie. In fact it tends to be the
norm. The likes of DFS and billwg just don't deserve the time of day
as far as I'm concerned. I really do not understand why anyone bothers
replying to them. They just lie and lie and ...

Funkenbusch provides great comic relief. How anyone can post FUD and
lies and expect to be taken seriously beats me. The fact that anything
anti-MS gets his knickers in a twist and his pathetic attempts to
protect his beloved MS is great fun. If he ain't payed then he is
really stupid. I don't think Erik is stupid.

Windows rootkit install HOWTO:
1. Open CD drive
2. Insert music CD
3. Close CD drive
All done - Windows: Insecure by design

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