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Re: Another One Flipped

__/ [Skeets] on Sunday 11 December 2005 17:47 \__

> i got my friend into mepis (debian based distro).  he told me yesterday
> that he straight up preferred mepis to windows ON HIS DESKTOP...  and
> he has years of windows experience and probably 2-3 months of mepis
> experience.
> his #1 comment - i like how you don't have to worry about all that
> spyware crap.
> he's 22 and is looking at getting into IT...  prior to his experience
> with mepis, he was entirely windows oriented...
> wait until he starts messing with the server aspects fo linux - which
> are even stronger than its desktop aspects.
> he's sold.
> i added another advocate for linux...  how about you?
> one person at a time... and a flap of a flies wings turns into a
> hurricane...

You say that your friend is headed into IT. I would love to hear about the
point where he 'flips' one of his own friends or clients. That's where you
see  the  'avalanche'  effect. Inertia due to earsay, experience  and  the
ability  to  hold one's hand during a migration makes a 180 while all  Mi-
crosoft makes is a 360.

I  consider myself to be a Windows expert and colleagues can confirm that.
I  occasionally hang around the Windows newsgroups and help people  redeem
themselves  from  miseries, never neglecting to blame O/S  development  as
well. There have been times in the past when, apart from providing a solu-
tion, just by mentioning that Linux does not have similar problems, people
changed over to Linux.

One of the guys got all jazzed up and switched every single machine in his
house  to Linux and wrote to me with great excitement about all these dis-
tros,  the endless choice, and the end of security issue. Only weeks later
he  emerged in the Linux newsgroups offering people Live CD's and  helping
others  getting  along  with Linux. Actually getting to see  that  someone
propagates  the knowledge and ideaology is immensely rewarding. Rarely  do
you  get to see that, even after spending plenty of time an effort helping
a single individual. Gratefulness makes it all worthwhile.

Good luck in future advocacies,


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