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Re: A little help with AdCense

__/ [Fraser] on Thursday 15 December 2005 22:50 \__

> Hi I am a nubie Webmaster and have signed up for ad- sence in the hopes of
> recouping smoe of the money I spend on Addwordz in G**gle.  Is there some
> way of driving more traffic to my ads so that I can increase my click
> through rate and thus offset my addwordz expenditure.  Any help woud be
> appreciatied.
> Frase

It  would be rather difficult to /make/ as much money as you /spend/  with
Google's  advertising program. The core idea is that part of the moneyflow
leaks  to a third-party. Moreover, as Jeffrey said already, the conversion
rates  for  visitor/click  are rather low -- lower than people  expect  at

Channelling your users to pages with ads is difficult. The best you can do
is  attract  visitors who do not block ads (visibility) and make sure  ads
are harmonic with respect to the content. If your pages are promotional by
nature, that might help too. For example, if your page explains how to se-
lect a computer, then ads which offer computers for sale are likely to get
clicked more often. Then there is the issue of sectors and/or topic, which
tend  to have different values. Asbestos, for example, is associated  with
lawsuits over deaths so its AdSense-bound links are worth quite a lot.

Hope it helps,


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