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Re: Windows means "broke" in Swahili

__/ [John Bailo] on Thursday 08 December 2005 15:30 \__

> Ok, you guys have been pulling my leg for the past six months by telling me
> how great Ubuntu is, right?
> I mean, it's like in the Boy Scouts where they find a Tenderfoot and ask
> him to go find a "left handed windjammer" from the other troops at jamboree
> and when you go ask them, they laugh because there is no such thing.
> So, I decide to run the Ubuntu Live CD to see whether I can run Web
> Rhapsody via Firefox.
> I downloaded it and burned it using K3b.  It identified it and did the Md5
> checksums verification.
> I boot with it.   Well, first of all, the install program looks like
> something from the DOS 2.0 days!  It's all COWS and really crappy looking.
> Then, it gets to the "Installers" step and starts saying it can't find
> stuff -- sorry, but if it passes the Md5 checksum, then it has something
> wrong with it.
> So I manually skip that step and go to Network.  It reports that I have no
> NIC card, but that I might want to use "Firewire" -- I say no thanks and
> end it there (if it can't find my network card, I figure there's no way I
> can test a web site with it).
> Thus, my intuition about Ubuntu is confirmed -- it was designed by
> Microsoft aparitchniks to give Linux a bad name.

And yet, Microsoft seem to have felt the pinch...


"...Microsoft has launched its software in Swahili targeting more than 110
million speakers of the language..."


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