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Re: How to force a new download of an excel file

__/ [Jose] on Thursday 15 December 2005 17:10 \__

>>> I link to an excel file which is stored on the server.  I want users to
>>> see the new version of the file as soon as it is updated, but users are
>>> seeing the old version, which remains cached on their client.  How can I
>>> ensure that the users actually get the current version of the file when
>>> they click on it?
>>> Jose
>> http://www.i18nguy.com/markup/metatags.html
>> Have a look under cache-control
>> The metadata will enable you to apply a variety of rules to a page (links
>> included I suppose).
> I'm not sure how this would work.  The metadata applies to the page
> which contains the link, not to the link itself.  The page that contains
> the link may be cached, that's ok.  It is the link target (an excel
> file) that must be fetched anew each time.
> Simply fetching the host page anew does not guarantee that the host
> page's link's target will be fetched anew.
> Jose

I thought about it, but it is hard to command the browser itself to behave
in  one way or another. The browser is often trying to be efficient  where
possible.  If I recall correctly, by changing the datestamps on the  files
(should  happen  regardless  at O/S level upon update), one can  urge  the
browser to re-fetch afresh.

Hope it helps,


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