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Re: End near for Mac version of IE

__/ [Freeride] on Monday 19 December 2005 04:43 \__

>>Microsoft will cease support for the Mac version of Internet Explorer
>>from December 31 and stop development of the program, the company says on
>>its website.
> Mac users must be happy. :)

I think so too. I have an iMac on my right and IE 5 is terrible, but not as
bad as Netscape. Opera and others are unfortunately unavailable for Mac OS
9. The other option is an upgrade to Mac OS X, which I could not be bothered
with despite the fact that we have the licence. When you have a Linux box,
what for?

>>No further security or enhancement updates will be provided.
> No security or enhancements ever existed. :)

*Exactly*. Then again, the browser sits on top of a different kernel, which
was either not at risk or was never truly targetted. Getting rid of that
piece-of-junk attack-magnet is probably a blessing to all Mac OS 8/9 users.

>>Mr Oxer, who has written widely on web design, said the only real
>>problems likely to arise would be with websites designed to work only
>>with Internet Explorer.
>>"Many Australian banks are particularly guilty of this, and even
>>government departments often provide online services in formats that
>>require the use of a Microsoft platform to access them," he said.
> Fscking scary to write a web site that only works for the most insecure
> piece of soft on the internet.

Next worst thing to a vehicle that only drives on water.

>>"Thankfully more developers seem to be getting the idea that it's better
>>to create sites that are standards-compliant and work in all modern
>>browsers rather than relying on hacks that only work in IE and exclude
>>users of other browsers."

Good statement.


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