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Re: How to disable the scroll bar

  • Subject: Re: How to disable the scroll bar
  • From: Stan McCann <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 20 Dec 2005 13:56:38 -0700
  • Newsgroups: alt.html
  • Organization: Sure Cann
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Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> __/ [Mark Parnell] on Tuesday 20 December 2005 03:10 \__
>> Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, hon123456
>> <peterhon321@xxxxxxxxxxxx> spouted in alt.html:
>>> I want to know how to disable the sroll
>>> bar of IE.

I don't understand why it is that so many people want to disable this 
or that.  Or demand that you install this or that.  Or demand that you 
use this or that.

Why can't they understand that I have my computer(s) set up the way I 
want and NO, I'm not going to let them change it.

>> Make your page really short.
> *LOL*

I did too.

> It's amazing what people are trying to achieve and the reasons
> behind it. Changing the colours of the scrollbars is stupid enough
> and I noticed that even Konqueror supports it now. What's next?
> Manipulating the windows decorations? Changing firewall policies?
> Installing some programs that the user is /definitely/ going to
> fancy? 

We already have stuff getting installed through web pages.  Where do 
you think spyware comes from?  I rarely get any though as I do not 
allow any client side scripting or cookies except on very few pages 
that I have as "My Favorites" in that other browser.  Those are pages I 
need that require scripting and/or cookies.  My banking.  My time and 
leave reports at work.  A very few others that I *need*, not want.

> Sadly, Firefox still supports the request to resize windows and
> change to full-screen mode. It has terrible impact on those who work
> while surfing and looks hideous to those using multi-head displays.

Through scripting.  My windows never gets resized, moved, etc.  All of 
my general browsing is done using FF locked down tight.  Sure, I run 
into web sites telling me that I must enable this or that or download 
this or that plug in.  I usually find what I want somewhere else pretty 

Scripting can do some great stuff prettying up a page, but if you 
require it, you are losing some of your market and in most cases don't 
even know it.  I rarely write to sites I leave because of scripting.

Stan McCann "Uncle Pirate" http://stanmccann.us/pirate.html
Webmaster/Computer Center Manager, NMSU at Alamogordo
http://alamo.nmsu.edu/  There are 10 kinds of people.
Those that understand binary and those that don't.

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