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Re: Question regarding minimum OS required for Z22

I know, I will eventually either install more 
memory & upgrade to XP
or toss the computer & get an upgraded one, or get 
a floppy drive
off EBay.
It's my wife's computer, she doesn't use it much, 
but she uses
her PP a lot & really needs to upgrade from her 


"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
wrote in message 
__/ [JR!] on Friday 16 December 2005 22:56 \__

>       Can the Z22 be installed on a W2K computer
> with only WIN2K SP2 not SP4?

I'd  be worried about the destiny of that machine 
more than I would  worry
about  Zire  compatibility. Windows 2000 lacks 
security in its own  right.
Not patching it up makes it very vulnerable, 
especially while connected to
the World Wide Web.

> I have an old laptop
> that's a PII w/ W2K SP2 on it & I cannot upgrade
> to any higher SP without flashing the BIOS for
> which I need a floppy drive which I don't have.
>       Thanx!

In  principle,  you can get a Palm handheld to 
work with Windows  98  (and
maybe Windows 95 as well). I was using a Tungsten 
with a Windows 98 laptop
for  a while. I suggest you worry about patches 
more than about communica-
tion via USB, which should be fine.

Hope it helps,


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