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Re: Strange cursor problem

__/ [Remi Villatel] on Saturday 24 December 2005 00:48 \__

> Hi there,
> Something really strange just started to happen to my mouse cursor. It
> turns back to standard X cursor over non-KDE apps, aswell as above an
> icon in the systray which represents such an app.
> It keeps on changing of shape whenever needed but it's not the cursor
> set in KDE anymore.
> It's really strange. I never noticed such a behavior before.
> Any idea where it comes from? I have none. If you have a solution, I'll
> also gladly welcome it.

This happens when you handle windows whose source is another computer with
another  desktop  environment or settings. Are you SSH'ing by any  chance?
Any  imported window anywhere in your session? I also noticed that KDE, by
its  nature,  will have the default pointers before and throughout  login,
possibly  aligning with root's KDE settings until the desktop  environment
has been fully loaded.

Pointers  in KDE/X are somewhat a flaky business. They are powerful in the
sense  that everything is extensible and very modular, but there are bugs.
Would  you believe that, in one case (KDE 3.1), screen 2 can never display
any  pointer other than the standard X cursor? Monitor 2 dies  immediately
if  I try and I have to restart X (e.g. CTRL+F1, CTRL+F7). This can become
very frustrating if you cannot control the cursors that come from a window
on another computer.


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