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Re: Finding & replacing (KATE, Word, OpenOffice)

__/ [joe] on Sunday 25 December 2005 01:22 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [joe] on Saturday 24 December 2005 03:35 \__
>>> I have just started using KATE and have read all the Fine Manuals :) but
>>> I simply could not perform a seemingly simple task of replacing 2
>>> consecutive newlines (0x0a or \n) with just one single newline. After
>> I had the reverse (in /some/ sense) problem: Converting /n into a newline,
>> i.e. newline stuffing rather than depletion. If someone proposes a
>> solution, I'd be very interested to hear it. Sorry to have replied without
>> providing a solution, but the point to make is that I could not find a
>> solution either. I don't think 'sed' would do the job either, but it
>> might. Let me think about it and have a go. How about:
> Thanks for the reply but it does seem strange to have to use another editor
> (sed in this case) while editing the same text in a text editor - KATE.
> Anyway, I am not very knowledgable about sed but I tried out your
> suggestion - sad to say it didn't work.
> In passing, and at the risk of offending the Linux zealots, I should
> mention that most of the text editors that I have used in *gasp* Windows
> makes this task seems like child's play. Also, in order to accomplish the
> task at hand, I had to resort to using *gasp* MS-Word running under
> Codeweavers's Crossover Office. The task is done. I only wish I had
> accomplished it using nothing but KATE.
> Happy holidays to you too...
> Joe

You can achieve that and much more in OpenOffice 2. You can even search and
replace with styles and regular expressions. In a showcase for OO2, a great
deal of time was dedicated to the search and replace facility alone. Have a
look into it. I dare you! *smile*

Have a nice holiday.


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