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Re: Gnome and Dual-head

__/ [David Wright] on Thursday 22 December 2005 08:19 \__

> My mother is visiting and I just set up an account for her and logged out
> to test it. As I usually don't log out until I reboot, I've never noticed
> the following problem before...
> Gnome works fine in dual-heal mode when booted, it stretches the menu/task
> bars across the whole screen. If I log out, the GDM splash screen is just
> on one screen, not stretched across the both, and once I log back in, the
> bars only use the right hand monitor, although applications and gdesklets
> still display correctly on the left hand display.

have you filed a bug report? Dual-head settings appear to have bugs and
quirks that are either associated with the window manager or X. I learned
how to avoid the bugs, but the best thing to do is to report them. Testing
under these 'conditions' is probably not a top priority.

> Using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to reset X server and restart GDM works fine, then
> the logon screen is stretched again and Gnome uses both halves of the
> screen correctly.

I have a similar issue wherein screen 2 dies completely and I have to restart

> Anyone any idea why it does this? Any solution, other than to reset the
> X-Server between sessions?
> ...OK, a bit more experimenting, I switched back to using KDM as the
> session manager and it works fine, so it looks like a shortcoming with GDM
> not resetting properly. Logging in/out of Gnome or KDE work 100% correctly
> with KDM, but GDM always stops using the left hand monitor during logon and
> Gnome seems to get confused and won't allow the bars to stretch across both
> screens, although KDE seems to ignore the GDM problem and uses the full
> width like normal.

I use KDE by the way. I never tried dual-head settings with GNOME. One more
reason to favour KDM/E? ...


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