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Re: AmaroK Stability (Was: GNOME and KDE about Themselves)

__/ [Jim Richardson] on Saturday 31 December 2005 03:01 \__

> On 30 Dec 2005 17:58:45 GMT,
>  Walter Mitty <mitticus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>  "Roy" risked the wrath of Usenet weenies mastering
>>  mommies computer when he ventured forth on 2005-12-30, commmitted
>>  his life to the whims of Google,  and spluttered:
>>> The GNOME and KDE sites have both come out with some evangelistic
>>> articles today/yesterday:
>>> http://dot.kde.org/1135910270/
>>> http://gnomedesktop.org/node/2537
>>> To anyone who is still unsure of which WM to use, these would be a
>>> valuable read. In the first item, there is plenty to impress the reader
>>> and OSS seems to be well ahead of any commercial, proprietary equivalent.
>> The KDE one is interesting. he spends half of it advocating amorak. I
>> tried amorak. It crashes if you tell it to populate a playlist from a
>> source with more than a few thousand songs. Hardly inspiring : even
>> the "pisspoor" iTunes can handle huge catalogs.

AmaroK  is not rock solid, but it is a young application that matures very
fast.  Every day I come across (via RSS) yet another third-party extension
for AmaroK and many themes are available too. Does it make up for stabili-
ty?  No. But it comes to show you that users get on the Linux wagon or mi-
grate from other media players, notably XMMS.

With  community  comes  rigour, comes code. AmaroK reports  bugs  via  the
user's  E-mail client and I am sure it will become more stable within just
months.  Version 2.0 of AmaroK comes out around the time of QT4 and  KDE4,
Q3  of 2006. AmaroK will probably be ported to Windows and get a  userbase
that  is  far beyond decent. Meanwhile, you have other OSS  projects  like
SongBird, which are intended to have impact that is on par with the impact
of Mozilla Firefox. FireBird also handles on-line music purchases, so  why
bloody needs iTunes? Who bloody needs commercial platforms these days?

> I have over 3000 tracks in my music dir, Amarok imported them in one
> gulp with no problem.  I have playlists that include thousands of songs,
> again, no problem with Amarok. Using 1.3 here if that helps.

There  you go. I still use an older version, so maybe 1.3 is where a  dif-
ference was made in terms of stability. My crashes occur about once a day,
particularly  when  I use the 'seek' function. It seems as if the  crashes
are all attributed to the exact same bug. Reported. Patched. Done.

Best Wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "Spam enchanted evening..."
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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