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Re: Happy New Year to everyone

__/ [Aragorn] on Saturday 31 December 2005 13:37 \__

> I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2006! ;-)
> I've made a few small New Year's resolutions myself in regards to
> Usenet...  From now on, I will...:
> (1) completely ignore *all* threads in which /flatfish/ posts;
> (2) completely ignore *all* threads crossposted to /alt.os.windows-xp/
> and/or /24hoursupport.helpdesk;/ and
> (3) /killfile/ certain cross-posting trolls - notably those from the
> above two groups - without notifying them, so as to avoid needless
> debating and/or polluting of GNU/Linux-dedicated newsgroups.

Amen. Killfiles lead to some problems because they fragment threads and

> This said, I'm leaving you with a few funny pro-GNU/Linux wallpapers to
> enjoy and/or download.  See the links below...:
>         http://www.easylinuxcds.com/wallpapers/scotp.jpg

Reminds me of: http://linuxstolescocode.com/

>         http://www.easylinuxcds.com/wallpapers/TUX_vs_SCO.jpg
>         http://www.easylinuxcds.com/wallpapers/tuXperience.jpg
>         http://www.easylinuxcds.com/wallpapers/winlandtux.jpeg

Why is that only 3 abandon and 5 stay on board? This is outrageous.

>         http://www.easylinuxcds.com/wallpapers/goodevening_gates.jpg
> Happy New Year to all! ;-))
> P.S.: I apologize for the cross-post, but I figured everyone in each of
> the targetted newsgroups would appreciate some nice (and funny) Tux
> wallpapers... ;-)

I certainly did.

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