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Re: How do I read referral logs?

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions, John. I truly appreciate this.
> Several  years ago I promised myself that I would not spend any time 
> com- batting  spam because, speaking from experience (only E-mail at
> the time), it is often unproductive if not counter-productive. I
> report spam here and there,  but  rarely hear anything in return. It
> seems like talking to  the wind unless one has lawyers and cash.

Quite a lot of spammers do abuse free hosting services, and those free 
hosting services are as amused with them as you are. freewebs.com just 
deletes a site when I send them one complaint, I have been able to delete 
several sites in a short time :-D. And remember Min? With, probably the 
help of others, we managed to bring down 50% of the sites he promoted. 
(Moreover, he seems to have gone away from this group ;-))

In short: complaining does help, not all hosting providers are bullet 
proof hosters making money of spam.

> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/28/ebay_bots_ddos/

He got caught. With spam there are two ways: filtering and ignoring it, or 
taking action. The latter takes more time, but does have an effect.

> For  E-mail, one  recommendation I would have to make is separation of
>  E- mail  addresses  (I have about 20) combined with Apache's
> BoxTrappers  for public  addresses. SpamAssassin on top seals the
> deal. As for logs, I tend to  just look at the number of visits and
> gave up on most of the rest. In- stead of contemplating ego boost, I
> continue to read and write. 

Yeah, I do the same, I don't worry too much, but my referer spam isn't 80% 

> Happy new year!

Happy new year.

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