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Re: What to do about Min the Usenet Terrorist (was Re: Wonderful *HAPPY* News!=)

  • Subject: Re: What to do about Min the Usenet Terrorist (was Re: Wonderful *HAPPY* News!=)
  • From: John Bokma <john@castleamber.com>
  • Date: 1 Jun 2005 16:21:29 GMT
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines, news.groups, alt.politics.media, alt.privacy.anon-server, alt.lawyers
  • Organization: Castle Amber - software development
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> Dolores~ wrote:
>>> "Anonymous" <Use-Author-Address-Header@[127.1]> wrote in message
>>> news:A85GLKHE38503.9555092593@anonymous.poster...
>>> I subscribed to alt.lawyers for law discussions, and all I see is
>>> this bullshit posted over and over again.
>> See http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2005/05/19/daniel-joseph-min.html
>> how to handle. It's simple: find sites he uses to host his garbage,
>> find posts that refer to a site, send a message to the hosting
>> provider complaining about this little spamming usenet rat, and if
>> you are lucky, his site will be gone. The more people complain, the
>> easier it gets. I already got several of his sites deleted.
>> This usenet terrorist can be hurt, just take some steps instead of
>> replying to his garbage.
> Good initiative.

Thanks :-). And it's funny to see his pages being deleted :-)

> Some of these trolls, quite astoundingly, just come
> back week after week, month after month. Why are they not being
> intercepted?

Some are canceled on several news servers. If Min keeps going on, I try 
to look into that, I have some connections :-D. However, not all news 
servers honor cancel requests. It's possible that you see more trolls 
compared to me if I use a different server.

> Where are the watchers?

Most people don't know how to handle a troll like Min. He abuses 
anonymous services, and he knows that they are not going to stop him. 
But since he also promoted 20+ sites, there was a way to give him 
something in return. 

> Are they ignoring anything that
> does not sell pills or sex? There was another such troll in the
> physics, religion and atheism groups. I think he's been 'gunned down'
> now... 

It can sometimes take a lot of time, and sometimes they move, sometimes 
they find new games of "power".

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