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Re: Reduction in Google Referrals

www.1-script.com wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The bizzare thing is that crawlers
>> traffic
>> continues to increase (around half a gig a month).
> Let me throw in another idea of a technical nature: as your site grows, it
> might be  slowing down in its response. This happens a lot to dynamic
> database-driven sites, but could also be affecting static sites. Also,
> your hosting company might be cramming lots of people on the same server
> your site is at. Anyways, it seems that Google is giving better SERPs to a
> quicker responding sites. I do not know logical explanation for this, but
> I have noticed a considerable improvement in SERPS as well as total number
> of indexed pages after I recently moved a site from a server shared
> between 100-150 domains to a dedicated one that decreases response time at
> least 5 times.

As far as I can tell, my hosts retain an excellent response time. They
always have, in fact. The majority of my site (~80%+) is static, but not
necessarily light-weight. I would have to rule out delivery time as an

>> I have checked things in greater depth earlier and I can see the same
>> reduction (in terms of referral) when it comes to MSN, Yahoo. AOL,
>> Netscape
>> and the others are hard to judge by because the numbers are low.
> Less referrals from Google means worse SERPs, just as simple as that. Your
> PR did not change, but you might have just gotten down the results pages
> or moved to second page that DRASTICALLY reduces amount of traffic. It's
> next to impossible to follow SERPs of all the pages (unless your site has
> 20 pages), and most of the landing pages from Google and other engines are
> NOT the homepage, so probability is high that you have just gradually lost
> your SERPs to competitors and got pushed off to the second page (or
> further).

I probably got pushed off some significant SERPs. In principle, it is not
too hard to tell if you use AWStats (or similar) which sorts search strings
by number of referrals.

> I can not confirm overall decrease of traffic from Google based on my
> stats, quite opposite actually, so add content, do some optimization and
> see if that brings traffic back.
> Sincerely,
> Dmitri
> http://www.1-script.com/install/
> Check out my CGI scripts installation offer

Thanks for the advice.

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