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Re: Avoid Switching from Palm to PPC

Toby wrote:
On 2005-06-14, Debo <mddibern@student.cs.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

RS> Back in 2002, I spent the first few months messing about with all the
RS> exciting features like Internet, E-mail and games. For the past 2 years all
RS> I have ever done is what I got a PDA for in the first place: scheduling and
RS> music. I leave the rest to the proper 14+" workstations.

I bought a PalmIIIx a few years ago for 50CAD, and it was stolen about a
year later. I decided to buy a newfangled Clie TH55, and found that I had
the same experience as you: I messed around with the 'fringe' media
features for about a month. Now the only things I really use are the
to-do list and the datebook.

I have to admit, though, that the camera and the audio recorder are
extremely useful, despite the low quality of the resulting media. The
camera especially helps me keep a photo-essay of my life, which is sort of
necessary now that my memory seems to be slipping on me.

I find the wireless LAN access to be mostly useless to me... maybe one day
I'll find a valid reason for having it. Interfacing with the web with only
a stylus is frustrating in the extreme, IMO.

I'd like WLAN on my Palm so I can control the music in my house
remotely via SSH. Sadly, I have a T|E, so that ain't going to happen for
a while!

What I have here, is Slimserver running several streams simultaneously, and one of these is output to an FM transmitter. This gives me coverage of my whole house and property. I just tune in to the transmitter with a portable radio, or use the tuner on the stereo of whatever room I'm in.

Slimserver has a web interface, so it can be controlled from any web browser from any desktop or laptop in the house, and it can also be remotely controlled by my Palm. Currently the wireless connection is over bluetooth, which is very slow on the T3, but it works well enough. I have a wlan at home, too, and having decided to stick with the T3 I have only just ordered a WiFi SD card for it.

Wlan opens up significant extra functionality, including remote wireless hotsyncing, filebrowsing, streaming music, displaying photos, web browsing and blogging. Nokia seem to be aware of the possibilities, having recently announced the 770, which is a dedicated WiFi/bluetooth product.

While others here regard the Palm as just a productivity tool, I don't - a Palm can be anything you want it to be, whether that be a game console, portable web/email browser, multimedia device, data logger etc. In fact, my Palm makes me *less* productive :-)

I might have fiddled around with the PIM functions for a month or so after I got my first Palm, but soon got tired of that and only really make use of the address book. But I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of years finding out what other things Palms can do, and there are still new capabilities being added (but not by Palm) at a surprising rate. Palm's versatility far exceeds my expectations, and I don't see that stopping soon.

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