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Docs2Go is not adequate

  • Subject: Docs2Go is not adequate
  • From: kraemer <Bernhard_Kraemer@web.de>
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 10:16:44 +0200
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
kraemer wrote:


For the final phase of my studies, I have to write a thesis. I thought
it would be wonderful to have my thesis, which I am writing in LaTeX,
always with me. So I could edit s.th. when it comes to my mind.

Unfortunately, my memo pad only supports files up to 4 kB. It would be
quite perfect if it would support files up to 200 kB. So my question is:
Is there a possibility to transfer and edit easily text-files larger
than 4 kB ? If another software is needed, please indicate only freeware
programs. Thanks!



I use Docs2Go from Dataviz for any text files which are large enough to justify it. I restrict files to be text only in oder to avoid any unwanted clutter.

Docs2Go often comes with your software bundle (the CD) that accompanies your

If you are planning to write a thesis on your Palm, consider purchasing a
keyboard (assuming you have none yet) and try to run Dataviz in
high-resolution mode (if your hardware allows that).


I tried Docs2Go, but unfortunenately this is not what I am looking for:

1) It is not free
2) I don't need Microsoft Office Support
3) Even the least part of the installation, the Word support (which also contains PDF-Support which I don't need either) takes more than 2 MB of RAM. My Palm Zire has just about 2 MB, so Docs2Go doesn't fit.

Perhaps you have another suggestion?



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