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Re: Jagger Prognosis

__/ [small mouse] on Tuesday 01 November 2005 09:30 \__

> On WebProWorld, virtualtraveller has given an excellent summary of the new
> Jagger algorithm(s)  Most of the sites I look after are doing well with
> plenty of outbound links and fresh content daily.
> It seems like you need at least 200 to 400 pages on a site before you can
> compete on a competitive SERP.

Does that include pages that are junk? Would that not /encourage/ more junk

>  http://www.webproworld.com/viewtopic.php?t=55306

Odd... they try to have you signed in if you don't have a cookie already (on
the face of it). Other than that, going to the main page enables you to get
to the same article (linked above), so it's not as bad as the NY Times et
al. where subscription is mandatory.

> 1. Age of site - older is better

One wonders about their patent which refers to expiry date of domain.

> 2. Age of links/ or the way it measures links - older is better, less
> emphasis on new but quality links

Good news to blogrolls; Bad for trend analysis and up-to-the-minute news.

> 3. Overall size of site - pages from larger sites get an advantage in the
> serps

That sounds rational, but not quite so fair to 'mom and pop' sites.

> 4. Freshness of content - sites that have continually significant expansion
> are favoured, regardless of quality

Get that random shuffle ready...

> 5. more emphasis on ibls, less on content relevance - more index pages are
> ranking for specific keyphrases that they bear little relevance to
> 6. More weight on obls - sub directory pages from large directories are now
> appearing alot more in the serps, possible due to relevant obls
> 7. Quality of link and anchor text no longer carries as much advantage -
> old links and quantity favoured.

Sounds like a wise decision to me. They must have experimented to come up
with such a conclusion.

Overall, change is always welcome. It keeps those systematic content spammers
off-balance, eventually to remain quivering in their boots.


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