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Re: Google Login

__/ [Gerald Astin] on Wednesday 02 November 2005 05:59 \__

> Thank you for your help from all those who answered.

Apologies for the misconception.

> Maybe you thought it was a great joke, however I really can not enter the
> Google search engine. Up untill a few weeks ago I had no problem and have
> used the google search engine for years. I am not a new user and this is
> not spam.
> I can enter Google news no problem. I can search news items, but if I want
> to do a normal web search I just get taken to a clear blue page asking for
> a log in and a password or I get ERROR 404file not found. I can enter
> Google help pages, if I click on one of the page links to take me to search
> it just takes me to the log in/password.
> Some of you had the google link on your caustic reply but it doesn,t work
> for me.
> Am I missing something ??? Is Google now a pay as you go sight. Ever since
> Google news hit the internet I havn,t been able to enter the search engine.
> Can anyone genuinely help.

Let me propose a few possibilities:

* Your Internet service provider re-directs requests for Google.com

* Google are testing something and use your IP address in the process. Try
the following:

  - Go to http://schestowitz.com/proxy
  - Enter the username: open   password: proxy
  - Try browsing google.com

* Your Google cookie is malformed. Go to your cookie management widget
(depends on your browser) and erase the cookie that is associated with

* Try, for example, google.co.uk

A few things to point out:

* Emergence of Google News appears irrelevant.

* When posting in newsgroup use a descriptive subject line and elaborate in
the body. There are many trolls and spam here, so you must persuade us that
you are a genuine poster in order to receive construtive replies and not
ASCII art.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz      |    (S)oftware (U)nd (S)ystem(E)ntwicklung
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
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