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Re: Jagger 3 Coming Tomorrow

__/ [Brian Wakem] on Thursday 03 November 2005 13:23 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [small mouse] on Thursday 03 November 2005 11:19 \__
>>> Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Matt Cutts has now
>>> anounced that we're still experiencing Jagger2 with 3 still to come.
>>> http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/
>>> <snip>
>>> Just to keep people up-to-date, Jagger3 is not visible yet. Last week I
>>> said that Jagger3 would hopefully be visible this week. It's possible
>>> that it might be visible by Friday or this weekend. I'll let you know
>>> when I've got more info.
>>> </snip>
>> Thanks for the heads-up! I still see no positive changes. *frown*
>> Roy
> I have an automated script that checks our position in google for some key
> phrases each week.  It ran last night and we've moved waaaayyyy up for most
> keywords. :-)

Have you looked at any of John Bokma's Perl scripts, which can do that and
possibly  more?  I have a cron job that gets a set of PageRanks and  back-
links  with PageRank. It's disabled for now as I fret the wrath of Google.
It  is  very resource-consuming and takes over a minute on fast  Ethernet.
All results are assembled in a report which reaches the Desktop nightly.

Oh,  boy... having just looked at that page to give you a link, I  realise
that Google removed it from their index (banned it)...



UPDATE:  my  toolbar was misbehaving. The page was NOT banned and  it  was
merely  a fluke that indicated that. I have no explanation other than  the
update. I need to keep that paranoia level down....

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