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Re: Microsoft 'Smart' Quotes

__/ [Peter D.] on Thursday 03 November 2005 13:34 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote in alt.os.linux.mandrake:
> [snip]
>> So,  once again, proprietary cripples communication. Trying to 'fix'
>> this in KNode would not make a fix, but rather a workaround or a hack
>> for non-- standardised bugs that lie elsewhere.
>> It  is somewhat like browsers that must tolerate and cope  with
>> MSOffice- generated  HTML.  Firefox appears to do it admirably well,
>> but why should it?  Why should developers devour time embracing
>> Microsoft non-standards- compliant HTML?
>> Roy
> Sometimes it almost looks as if MS is trying to break standards.
> I wish you all the luck in the world in getting them to fix their
> products.  In the meantime...
> Presumably it is possible to cut and paste text from, for example,
> a piece of latin1 text into the article you are writing and then
> another piece text this time from a latin2 source.  This should be
> "legal" - and confusing.  What is KNode supposed to do?  If the
> information about which character set is taken with the cut and
> past action then information could be preserved in a utf encoded
> article.

There are several scenarios where I cut and paste information from one ap-
plication to another via intermediates like emacs or kwrite, among others.
It  is somewhat of an adaptation that is acquired from experience and  re-
peated struggles, which I find rather frustrating.


*  Firefox  1.x clipboard is limited in size (not always) so need  to  use
Konqueror or other means for large textareas.

*  Copying and pasting certain character encodings to/from LyX (especially
foreign languages with accents).

* aMSN (TCL/TKL) font encoding (years ago).

You  see,  some applications seem to convert or reduce the number of  con-
flicts  or  gaps. Although these solution are nasty and non-trivial,  they
seem  to be doing the job. I am not alone in this as I suggested others to
do similar tricks.


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