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Re: 'Critical' Windows fix coming for PCs

__/ [Freeride] on Friday 04 November 2005 05:35 \__

>>The security bulletin is deemed "critical," Microsoft's highest risk
>>rating, the company said in a notice posted on its Web site on Thursday.
>>Last month's "Patch Tuesday" included nine bulletins covering 14 Windows
>>flaws. Some of the patches have caused trouble for users since their Oct.
>>11 release.
>>Microsoft rates as critical any security threat that could allow a
>>malicious Internet worm to spread without any action required on the part
>>of the user.
>>Microsoft's notice did not specify which component of Windows is being
>>repaired in Tuesday's bulletin or how many flaws the update will deal
>>with. Security researchers have several unpatched flaws outstanding with
>>Microsoft. For example, eEye Digital Security lists eight vulnerabilities
>>on its Web site for which it considers fixes overdue.
> These critical remote code execution security issues are becoming monthly
> occurrences for Microsoft.

The code is a complete mess. I wrote about exactly that issue 3 hours ago <
http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/11/04/microsoft-singularity/ >.
In short, Microsoft can no longer manage that project called Windows. It has
lost its modularity due to critical patches, which leads to that complexity
spiral they fail to get out of.

__/ [Skeets] on Friday 04 November 2005 06:29 \__

> my winxp SP3 is code named "linux"  -lol-

Hey, be careful. Linux should not be equated to a thick layer of plaster that
wears out after a month... *LOL*



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