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Re: My site is lost -what have I done wrong?

__/ [cueroscot] on Friday 04 November 2005 09:41 \__

> My site ([www.cuero.co.uk) was, for years, on the first page of
> google.com, when searching for leather bags. In the last month or so it
> has dropped way down although still comes up in google.co.uk. I am a
> real novice at this but although I have updated some of the bags that I
> do nothing else major has been changed.
>  am panicking a bit as I usually do most of my sales at Christmas and
> the hits on my web site have drastically reduced.
> Any advice, in simple language, would really be appreciated.
> Thanks

You  must experiencing the effect of a major Google update, which has been
dubbed "Jagger".

Jagger  has  gone  on  for nearly a month (its  effect  was  not  observed
overnight)  and  it caused a variety of sites to  temporarily  'disappear'
from their long-standing top positions at Google. Some have suggested that
relatively  new  sites are affected the most, but it doesn't appear so  to

Jagger  should complete within a week (a guess) and your good placement at
Google will return to normal. Some say that the lower your site drops, the
better  off it will be after the update. It seems adverse to common sense.
Either way, be patient and stop worrying like so many of us. Mark the days
in  the calendar and do not look at your ranks in Google until the  update
has been completed. Like Bill once said, "these are the times to be out in
the pub and let time pass". (misquoted)

Hope it helps,


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