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Re: My rating of SEO techniques in order. What is yours?

__/ [Dan V.] on Saturday 05 November 2005 15:00 \__

> I am attempting to rate search engine optimization tasks (internet
> marketing) in general in order of most effective.
> And then what % of time and money should be spent on each item.  Please
> feel free to add or delete and please rate them if you have a few minutes.
> If that is too generic for you, how about choosing an industry like (web
> design).
> My first draft:
> What works best list for SEO (in order of priority):
> ------------------------------
> -link building
> -text in incoming links
> -building content
> -sponsored search results
> -Internal descriptive text linking
> -pay per click advertising (contextual based advertising) like Google
> Adwords
> -Paid inclusion
> -SEO page optimization (descriptive headers, sub headers, page Titles)
> -having a blog
> -Text Navigation (with each page having it's own context link e.g.: Home >
> Services > Web Design FAQ
> -Site map page
> -contributing to forums
> -writing articles
> -banner ads on other sites
> -submitting to directories
> -domain name itself
> -words per page
> -keyword density
> Where should the most time be spent on?
> -----------------------------------------
> -Link building -30%
> -building content - 20%
> -Pay per click 10%
> etc...?
> Where should the most money be spent on?
> -------------------------------------------
> ...
> Thanks I look forward to seeing the results!
> Dan V.

They are all factors to consider, no doubt. However, to rank them or embed
them in a priority list, you will have to quantify them.


"link building" > having a blog (where '>' means "greater impact than")

What  link? How many links? Is anchor text (text in incoming links) not  a
subset  of  that? It's a trade-off where the investment (time) per  reward
ratio is the only means by which you can ever quantify.

The  model  you  look at should be more complex. It should be drawn  as  a
graph perhaps. Here is one possibly way of categorising those points:

  * incoming
     o text in incming links
     o link impact (e.g. PageRank & number of links in page)
  * outgoing
     o internal descriptive text linking

-Building content
  * SEO page optimization (also helps users)
     o text navigation
     o site map page
  * having a blog (or under "Links")
  * contributing to forums
  * writing articles

  * sponsored search results
  * paid inclusion
     o submitting to directories
     o banner ads on other sites
  * pay per click advertising

  *domain name itself
  *words per page
  *keyword density

I didn't spend much effort on this, but I think you ought to make this hi-
erarchical  and  hence better-structured. There is also  repeatability  of
points,  which  rather than contribute, might confuse the reader  and  add
clutter. People are good at remembering lists of at most 7 items. Use lev-
elling to make the points more 'digestable'.

Hope it helps,


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