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Re: Vibration alert on PDA?

__/ [Lyne & Bingo] on Sunday 06 November 2005 03:33 \__

> Does anybody knows a PDA that will vibrate when a calendar events is due? I
> work in a noisy environment and is unable to hear the audible alarm of my
> current PDA. I also heard that you can install a software on some PDA that
> would trigger that function. The Lifedrive PDA will vibrate when receiving
> new email but not for calendar events. As anybody seen such a software?
> Sylvain

I suspect that vibrating component was removed in some of the latest models,
the Tungsten 5 included. With my Tungsten T, this component is present and
the functionality, which has been incorporated into the calendar, is easy to

If the PDA typically 'resides' in your pocket, you will be able to 'feel'
when something urgent arises. Vibration will desist, but return at
decreasing intervals until you dismiss it.

All in all, find out if the PDA which you aim for has that mechanical
component. The built-in Palm PIM will not need any extra configuration to
take advantage of it.

Hope it helps,


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