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Re: Where not to promote a site

__/ [David] on Wednesday 09 November 2005 12:10 \__

> On Wed, 09 Nov 2005 11:43:40 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Reciprocal links on a one to one type basis, setup manually are highly
>>> unlikely to result in a Google problem by themselves. How else are
>>> website's to get backlinks?
>>Commercial sites can rely on directories.
> Which tend to require a link back and take forever to add a site. Also
> directories by themselves are not enough quality links to compete
> well.
>>Good articles can get cited by people who acknowledge them as they are
>>useful and accurate.
> And if you can't write articles?
>>That was probably the idea behind PageRank in day one. It's based on
>>following a trail of citations to find influential pages.
> Surely Google took into account friendly links as well, you link to
> friends site they link back.
>>Unfortunately, not
>>everyone links to the best papers from MIT and shops that are the cheapest.
>>As soon as the algorithm come out of the bags, people misuse them.
> Of course, but that doesn't mean link exchanges per se are a misuse
> and anyway Google owes webmasters as much as webmaster owe Google
> since without website's Google wouldn't exist so I don't really see
> anything as a "misuse". So website's don't have to do what Google
> wants and Google doesn't have to send traffic to every website.

By  using the word "misuse", I had a different idea in mind. When  someone
creates a link for a search engine to pick and not for a visitor, it some-
what misses the point, the very purpose of links.

Search  engines  feed on sites, but it's problematic when sites change  to
adapt to search engines. It's a dangerous cycle where we might end up with
sites that have no character, but still manage to attract traffic.

Think, for example, the happy a small store owner would be if you bought a
TV and helped the owner pay the bills. Then there are giants like Wal-mart
where  the cashier couldn't are less about who buys what and the big  man-
agers at the top just accumulate money and vanity. Fewer people get a sense
of achievement while more get exploted by mechanised bodies.


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