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Re: Migrating to Linux

__/ [E11] on Friday 11 November 2005 11:43 \__

> Hi all,

Hi E11.

> I am thinking of migrating from MS to Linux... but there's still an
> obstacle to get through...

Many obstacles are related to habits/experience.

> Firstly, the applications that i spend the majority of my time on are
> cross-platform: Firefox, OpenOffice, Gaim, Gimp, Eclipse.

That's no obstacle, yet...

> For some of my windows-based activity, no problem, i can use
> Linux-based applications just as easily, e.g. listening to music,
> watching movies, anti-virus, firewall.

Anti-virus? Not sure about that one. Eats away your battery (CPU).

> However, the games that i play are windows-based, and i want to
> continue playing them. This, as well as a very small number of
> windows-based applications.

I started with dual-boot until I lost interest in the application I had used
years ago. Also, I found better applications for Linux, which I became
competent with. In due time, the Windows partition became obsolete and thus
was deleted entirely.

> Now, for this, i would like to be able to "run them in linux", and i
> think i have two alternatives (or are there more?):
> - use Wine. The concern here is that it may not support the games (and
> applications) i want to run, and even if it does, may not support all
> the features (e.g. sound or multi-player)

It never worked for me, but other will have different testimonials.

> - install windows in a virtual machine under Linux. In this case,
> anyone has any virtual machine software to recommend? (i only know of
> the one by VMWare, and it costs quite a bit.)

Try dual-boot instead, provided you have a Windows OEM.

> Suggestions, please.
> TIA and Regards,
> Edwin

Move, then adapt. It will come naturally. Avoid "too much too fast". Know
your new environment and blend. You will then be able to explore it fully
and appreciate its advantage over the alternatives.

Best wishes,


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